Month: September 2016

Mean/B*tchy/Rude ASMR Roleplays

Rude ASMR Roleplays Mean or bitchy or rude ASMR roleplays emerged overnight and I’ve been pretty torn on the trend. When I’ve watched them (and trust me, I’ve watched a few) I never really find them too relaxing. Either I’m too amused to the point of laughter or I’m taken aback and don’t really know what to think.

#Roadto100K YouTube Giveaway

Lily Whispers ASMR #Roadto100K Giveaway I mentioned this briefly in the description and comment section of a recent upload but I’m coordinating a HUGE YouTube giveaway! To be considered to win, you must mention me in a comment on social media and add #Roadto100K The prize is unlike anything I’ve done before on my channel.

How To Start An ASMR Channel

How to Start an ASMR YouTube Channel People always ask me, “How do you start an ASMR channel?” so I figured I’d just flesh my full list of tips of starting an ASMR channel in a blog post!  There are several components that make up my ASMR channel and my methods differ greatly from other