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People write to me all of the time and tell me how I’ve impacted their life. How my content and my videos have helped them feel good, get tingles, go to sleep. I have my handful of YouTubers who have done the same for me, whose channels I am eager to watch.  I guess it goes in a full circle, huh?

Nonetheless, I have a wide range of ASMRtists I watch on YouTube.  Some channels incredibly large and some just starting out but they both manage to relax me the same amount.  For some reason, I tend to gravitate towards ASMRtists who are just starting out, or whose video quality isn’t incredible, or whose sound quality isn’t crystal clear. I like videos where I can hear the world passing by in the background.  A car, perhaps someone talking in the distance – it makes me feel less alone in a way. Perhaps I am describing it poorly *le sigh*

Here are some of those go-to videos of mine. This list waxes and wanes and changes every week but these are the ones I have found myself revisiting recently.  I hope you enjoy them too & find out about a new, cool ASMR channel along the way!

I stumbled across this video randomly but I loved it so much with all of the face-touching! Such a great one.

Chocolat ASMR is one of my favorite ASMRtists because she has some of the best mouth sound videos on YouTube (at least, I think so)

Peggy does a great job with this one!

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