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Some of my most popular uploads have been my “ASMR Big Sis/Older Sis” videos! My last one has nearly reached 1 million views!  You can check it out here.

A few weeks ago I uploaded “ASMR Big Sis Does Your Prom Makeup” and I think it’s been well-received so far.

Some of my favorite comments regarding these videos are from people who have lost an older sister or never had an older sister and find comfort in seeing what it would be like.  I will admit though, I’m not entirely sure I was this kind as an older sister either.

You’re an older sister?!

asmr big sis

I NEVER/RARELY talk about this on my channel. I do, in fact, have a younger sister. She’s a wonderful soul who’s bumped around life in the opposite direction as me but it’s so funny because we used to never get along. We’d throw things at each other, scream, yell, cry.

Once I went to college, that all seemed to subside. Now we get along just fine. She knows she can call me about pretty much anything and vice versa. I talked to many other people with other siblings and they also said that people grow out of the “bickering” phase as years pass.


I unfortunately never had the opportunity to do my sister’s prom makeup but I would’ve loved to! This notion in my head inspired this video in particular whereas my “big sis” series in general was inspired by my younger self – I wish I had been kinder!

Soooo, if you have a younger sibling that you just want to smother to bits and find so annoying (my sister used to do everything I did and it would p*ss me off so much!!) maybe try to be a little kinder. They just want to spend time with you and love you sooo much 🙂

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