On my ASMR channel, I’ve been embedding several “Helping you with…” videos. It’s turned into somewhat of a series, inspired by a heartbreak of mine back during the wintertime, thus sparking the first one: ASMR Helping You Through Heartbreak. I like doing “series” videos – like my ASMR Quotes series and Big Sister series and Agent 5.

People often ask me where I draw my inspiration from so I’m writing his blog post to shed light on the times in my life where I felt like I needed a video to get me through.

ASMR Helping You Through Heartbreak

This video, asI mentioned before, stemmed from a heartbreak of my own. I won’t dig into details but everything I said in the video were words I had been telling myself, including words that others had been telling me too. I’m so blessed to have people who love and support me in my life, but others are not so lucky. Whether or not you’re a loner or your friends aren’t always there to listen and provide guidance, I created this video in the hopes of acting as that friend. No person on a computer screen can compare to in-person interaction, I know, but maybe, just maybe, this’ll help just a bit…

ASMR Helping You Through An Anxiety Attack

My anxiety was the reason I joined the ASMR community! While my attacks have all been mild, never anything demobilizing or anything, I know people who have had suffered from attacks like that. I did some research for this video and learned that some people do not want to be touched during an anxiety attack. This was difficult to work around while filming since personal attention is a big chunk of content in the ASMR world, but I managed to make it work (I think?) – these were some steps and things I do to help with anxiety.

ASMR Helping You With Your Eating Disorder

I’ve spoken about being in a sorority before and about being a young woman in today’s society in general.  According to the ANAD, about 30 million people suffer from eating disorders in the U.S. I talked about two girls in this video – one from high school and one from college. These are true stories. The friend from high school and I drifted apart after graduation while the friend from college and I are no longer friends. This is due to a plethora of things (one of them being her inability to get help for her mental illness). I’m so touched by everyone’s comments. While I sort of filmed this video for myself, therapeutically, it seemed to help others. In the end, that’s all I’ve ever wanted my videos to do.

ASMR Helping You With Your Depression

This video, while good-intentioned, sparked controversy. Some people find it “trivializing,” which saddens me, so I responded to a comment (and pinned it) for people to hear my side of things…

lily whispers controversy


And so that’s the last video I’ve done in this series. Since then, I’ve received requests to continue the series to touch on topics such as PTSD and self-defense. I’m not sure if I’ll continue but I hope that the videos that I have on my channel continue to help those needing it.

As always, thank you – thank you for providing me with a forum to fulfill my desire to help others.

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