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Ritual Network Review

Since August 2015, I have been partnered with Ritual Network on YouTube. I get so many questions asking about being partnered on YouTube so I figured I’d write an honest review of my experience with Ritual ASMR!

About YouTube Networks

First and foremost, I want to begin by admitting I’m no expert. In this blog post, I am simply sharing my experience and opinions. I knew little to nothing about YouTube networks when I first joined one. Although I still know very little, I know my experience on YouTube has greatly improved because of them.

I first signed with a large one in 2012 when I had my make-up and beauty channel. One of my videos went mini-viral and exceed 300,000 views and so networks started noticing me. I signed with one as a small creator and found little to no benefits. In fact, I felt as though a percentage of my revenue was being taken from me when I wasn’t taking advantage of what they offered.

When I started my ASMR channel I was adamant on not joining a network due to my prior experience with them. However, one email that was customized to me and personable, caught my eye. So I signed with a small network in August 2015.

Ritual Network

Long story short, my channel grew more quickly and I was switched to Ritual Network (then called Ritual Entertainment Network), which was the umbrella network of the smaller one that I had signed with.

I’ll admit that my start with them was a little rocky. This was almost two years ago. ASMR was still new to everyone (and still is). I felt a little misunderstood both by Ritual and by people in real life. I felt as though a percentage of my earnings were going to the network while I was not taking advantage of their offerings.

After going back and forth with the CEO about it, he introduced me to Savannah and I decided to stay. My YouTube prayers had been answered!

Partnering with A Network

YouTube is not my full-time job. I have a 9-5 job in Digital Marketing. I love it, but I also love YouTube and because of my lack of time, it’s hard for me to give my channel the time and dedication it needs at all hours of the day. And that’s where Savannah and Ritual Network came in.

Savannah works with brands to get me sponsorships for videos (a Godsend because of the YouTube Adpocalypse), updates my tags and end titles and tends to all of the small things that make a YouTube channel great.

I don’t think I would recommend partnering with a YouTube network to smaller creators. While YouTube is not my livelihood, I do use my ad revenue to pay bills (ugh, student loans) and rent (ugh, rent increasing).

Ritual ASMR

Sometimes being an ASMR YouTube Creator gets lonely. I don’t have a lot of time to talk to other creators to entertain collaborations (although I have done them in the past).

I’ve had some nightmareish experiences from YouTube. I’ve dealt with relentless trolls, perverts and haters. I guess it just comes with the territory though. I’m thankful that I’m backed by a Network in case any legal issues come up. Although I haven’t fully utilized that service, it gives me peace of mind.

When the “going’s gotten tough” I’ve spilled my heart out to Savannah trying to figure out ways to stay on YouTube but not deal with harassment. She’s listened to everything from me wanting to quit YouTube to a surgery Dobby’s had to have. We concocted plans and strategies and my comfort and safety was always put first.

A while back, Savannah told me that I had helped introduce her to the realm of ASMR. Full of support and love and dedication. I mean, who doesn’t love supporting a community centered around good vibes and getting a good night’s sleep?! So Ritual ¬†Network created a subcategory specifically for ASMR creators called Ritual ASMR. The first one ever. And we have quite the gang now too, from The ASMR Gamer to Olivia Kissper ASMR!

Moving Forward

I can honestly say that I’m happy I’m with a network and I’m especially thankful for both Savannah and the rest of the Ritual ASMR team’s dedication to the ASMR community.

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