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I’m moving again.

This is a good thing though. My apartment that I once felt so blessed to call “home” honestly stopped feeling much like a home after Dobby passed away. I had originally intended on buying a house – I was dead-set on the idea too. I had my preapproval, a realtor, I was even seeing properties.

Then I realized that it wasn’t something¬†I (me, myself) wanted. It was an idea my parents planted in my head that I latched onto and gave meaning. It’s funny how we, human beings, have a way of doing that. We get invested in an idea and run with it. But, like many aspects of my life, I changed my mind.

I’m rather indecisive actually. I can never make up my mind about anything. I make jokes that I have do this thing I call “Phone A Friend” all the time, calling my friend Laura or Julia for advice or help more often than I want to admit to anyone.

The Move

So I move on March 30th and have about 40% of everything set to go. I keep reminding myself that I have time but I know that I’m procrastinating and will be overloaded with things to do the night before.

My next place is stunning – I took mental note of everything my place now lacks: high ceilings, light, etc. So my next place has beautiful high ceilings, five incredible windows overlooking downtown and all hardwood (albeit fake-wood) floors. I couldn’t be happier. Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures and maybe even vlog the process!


To sum up this now lengthy post, I will admit that I was experiencing some health difficulties in January. It was the scariest thing and to people whom I described the sensation thought I was crazy! My body was feeling palpitations. Not muscle “spasm” but twitches – my leg muscles would rise and fall quickly like a heartbeat. About 5 ER visits, doctors appointments and tests later a neurologist told me that 70% of our population get these. The cause? Stress.

So I was put on a light medication to help with my stress and have been trying to find ways to manage it in the meantime such as micro-meditating, playing video games and yes – filming/watching ASMR.

I started a new job in March, am moving at the end of the month and am working on some financial things (taxes, ugh) so talk soon!

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