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When I started my ASMR Unsolved Mystery video series on YouTube, I had no idea it was going to be such a hit! In fact (to my knowledge) Artsy Tingles was the first ASMRtist to integrate true crime, unsolved mysteries, etc. with ASMR!

Since I started my ASMR Unsolved Mystery Series, the videos have accumulated over 1,480,000+ views! I’m SHOCKED! I love when I am able to blend my interests (like true crime) with ASMR – I like to think that it shows in my content when I enjoy making a certain video!

Like cooking! I then filmed my Chicken & Asparagus recipe and eating video and you guys seemed to really enjoy it as well.

It’s humbling to see that I’ve sparked other content creators to make their own ASMR Unsolved Mystery videos as well – like Soft ASMR, Peace & Saraity ASMR and I even inspired a new channel called “True Crime ASMR” that I’ve been loving!

ASMR Unsolved Mystery Video Series Drawbacks

Of course, unsolved mysteries + ASMR has not been seen in good light in the community. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the series – some really good and some very bad. People have told me that I’m “F*&^% up to mix ASMR and tragedies” and other similar comments. It took me a lot to get over those types of comments too – I had to disable commenting on my Kenneka video and others since I didn’t want to deal with the negativity. I get scrutinized for doing so but it’s my channel and I’ll do anything for some piece of mind.

All in all, I’m so thankful that you all have been enjoying the series (if you have been) and I will continue making these types of videos. People have requested that I cover solved cases but that’s not really my style. I’m not trying to be a “true crime” ASMR channel or anything. I want to bring awareness to unsolved tragedies to hopefully bring closure and peace to the victim’s families.


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